We can help expand your team’s capabilities by serving as a subject matter expert (SME) for internal staff or external consultants and advisors. We’ve worked as a subcontractor in a wide range of roles, including directing projects; advising on specific topics; presenting to boards, executives, staff or investors; or leading teams within broader efforts. We’re happy to share our expertise if we think we can add value to the work you’re doing.

Team Participation

We’ve worked as subcontractors to several larger consulting firms, serving as team members, project leads, or advisors.

Presentations and Meetings

We regularly present to boards of directors, executive teams, investors and interest groups on topics related to our areas of expertise.

Contact Us If We Can Help

Let us know if we can help you by completing a contact form or giving us a call at 415.420.8075. You can get to it by clicking the link below. We’ll give you a call or follow up by email to discuss your needs and whether we might be able to help.

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