Our Experience

We can help your organization design, diagnose and improve your care management model and system of care. We have decades of experience in the area and understand that failure in this area means gaps in care, uncontrolled costs, and poor outcomes. We know that the management of care, social and behavioral needs and services, and the effective engagement of complex and vulnerable populations are the backbones of successfully serving their needs. We understand what it takes to design effective, targeted programs to engage, support and deliver solutions that work.

Care Management Model Design

We’ve developed population-driven and targeted care management models for a wide range of complex populations. This includes physically and developmentally disabled populations and individuals experiencing severe mental illness (SMI and SPMI), including dual-eligible populations. Program design has also included integrated medical-behavioral health models, social determinants of health (SDoH), peer and paraprofessional services, and remote models for rural care delivery and management.

Care Management Assessment

We’ve completed care management reviews and assessments for Medicaid and commercial programs, identifying opportunities for program enhancement to target interventions and improve outcomes. Our assessments are data-driven and built around accepted clinical models for continuous quality improvement, enhancing the likelihood of acceptance of our recommended changes.

Bid Strategy and Support

We’ve assisted our partners in the review of existing programs and the development of bid content to improve competitiveness and program responsiveness. Support has included documentation and development of best practices and new solutions for care management design and oversight, as well as opportunities for program innovation.

Contact Us If We Can Help

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