We’ve supported both payers and providers on a wide range of transactions from joint ventures and partnerships, to acquisitions, divestitures, and financings. Many of these engagements have included front-end strategy projects to assess market and business opportunities, with deal support as part of strategy execution.

Partnership and Collaboration

We’ve supported several integrated systems with the development of market business strategies to identify potential partnerships and support the creation of collaborative arrangements. This has included assessment of deal structures, key contract provisions, and support for negotiations.

Acquisition and Divestiture

We’ve provided strategic due diligence and transaction support for acquisitions and divestitures of several health plans, primarily in the Medicaid space. Support has included strategic assessments of deal structures, cultural and organizational fit, as well as the review of impacts of market positioning and strategic viability resulting from transaction execution.

Transaction Support

We strategic support for several smaller health plans for developing financing and business organization strategies to support growth and viability. Support has included assessment of deal structure and key elements as well as negotiation with regulators and other decision-makers to ensure transaction execution.

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