We have the experience and expertise you need to support your bid and proposal efforts. We’ve provided support for our partners on dozens of bids for Medicaid and other public programs. We work collaboratively with our partners to identify opportunities for us to add value and create a competitive advantage for a winning bid process

Bid Strategy

We’ve supported several partners in pre-bid planning to assess competitiveness and requirements for successful bid development and contract award. This includes reviews of existing programs, infrastructure and staffing, identification of key gaps to be addressed, and assessment of investment costs to support a successful award. We have also worked with partners to develop public policy and regulatory strategies to support pre-RFP development efforts.

Proposal Development

We provide ongoing support for partner proposal efforts, including drafting of proposal content, review and editing, and competitive and scoring assessments to assess proposal strength. In addition to a broad range of Medicaid programs, we have also assisted in bid development for commercial and federal programs. We are happy to provide support on a project to project basis or on by establishing an ongoing retainer agreement.

Pre-Submission Review

We have supported partners by reviewing bids and proposals prior to finalization and submission. If brought in early enough this allows us to assess the strength of the proposal and its competitiveness and identify opportunities for last-minute strengthening, correction of inaccuracies or failures to comply with the program or regulatory requirements.

Contact Us If We Can Help

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