We deliver practical solutions with enduring results, helping organizations like yours solve real problems and realize your potential. We believe the privilege of serving vulnerable populations demands that we and our partners be the best at what we do. We also know that means we need to be flexible and willing to accommodate varied organizations serving these important populations. We don’t offer canned solutions, but we do offer a broad range of services to meet your organization’s needs.


We’ve spent decades helping all types and sizes of healthcare organizations develop strategic solutions. Our partners have looked to us for everything from helping them assess opportunities to enter the national Medicaid market, to evaluating their options for the regional Medicaid businesses they already have, and building turnaround plans. Click the button below to learn more.

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Bid and Proposal Support

No strategy is complete until you’ve actually started winning the business. That’s where we can help. We’ve worked with our partners to develop and assess bid strategy, develop proposal content, and review and identify opportunities to improve proposals that have already been completed. Click the button below to learn more.

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Strategic Deal Support

Whether you’re interested in support for merger, acquisition, partnership, divestiture or financing, we can help. We’ve conducted due diligence and provided strategic support for negotiations and deal structure. Our partners have included regional health plans, provider organizations, and healthcare services businesses. Click the button below to learn more.

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Subject Matter Expert

We’re happy to provide subject matter expertise (SME) directly to your organization or as a subcontractor to another organization. In this role, we’ve presented to Boards of Directors, executive staff, and Wall Street investors. We’ve also provided direction and oversight to project teams and government agencies embarking on diverse initiatives requiring varied backgrounds and talents. Click to the button below to learn more.

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Strategic Intelligence

Sometimes what you need is someone to do a deep dive in an area to help you think about your options. Do you need a comprehensive market or competitive assessment, review of product options and features, development of white papers or presentations for your board of directors? We’ve done all of these things for our partners across the country. Click the button below to learn more.

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Brief Consults

You don’t always need a great big project. And, we don’t always need to provide you with one. We’re happy to help even if all you need is to have someone review some documents, respond to ideas or make some calls to give you some independent feedback. We’re happy to provide the level of support you need regardless of the size of your organization. Click on the button below to learn more. As an added bonus, we promise not to charge you an arm-and-a-leg just to talk.

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Chief Strategy Officer Shares

Sometimes you need ongoing support, but you don’t need it all the time. And, sometimes you need good, experienced talent but you can’t quite afford to pay the cost of bringing that talent on board. Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Shares may be the solution to that problem. Click the button below to learn more.

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Contact Us If We Can Help

Let us know if we can help you by completing a contact form or giving us a call at 415.420.8075. You can get to it by clicking the link below. We’ll give you a call or follow up by email to discuss your needs and whether we might be able to help.

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