DMoller Associates has deep expertise and experience in strategies and solutions for the increasingly important safety-net and subsidy-eligible populations. These include Medicaid and Medicaid waiver, Exchange products, and programs and solutions for the uninsured. We help our partners across the country design and implement strategies to target, serve, and cost-effectively manage these vulnerable populations while simultaneously improving outcomes and lives. 

We’re committed to supporting your growth, ensuring your financial and operational viability and sustainability, and helping you adapt to continually changing conditions in the healthcare industry.

Project Experience

DMoller Associates has decades of experience collaborating with partners across the healthcare landscape. We’re unabashed in saying that our passion is in serving those who are vulnerable, with complex conditions and needs.

Medicaid and Government Programs

We’ve worked with payers, providers, government agencies, investors, service providers, and other consulting firms focused on Medicaid and other government programs. Our experience includes such diverse projects as conducting sustainability and viability assessments for CMS and ACA COOP health plans, acting as SME for the transformation of the Veteran’s Administration, and developing strategies for a provider-owned Medicaid plan. 

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Vulnerable and Complex Populations

We’ve led engagements for varied populations, including general Medicaid; aged, blind and disabled (ABD); waiver programs; dual eligible; expansion populations; low-income insured and uninsured; serious mental illness (SMI and SPMI); veterans; rural and frontier communities, and others. We start with a deep understanding of the complex needs of these individuals. We followed a disciplined, data-driven approach to design solutions that have a real impact on outcomes individuals these programs serve and those who serve them.

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Integrated Medical-Behavioral Health

Integrated Medical-Behavioral Health (IMBH) is not a new concept for us. We designed some of the first models for Medicaid Health Homes after the passage of the ACA. Since then, our understanding of the value and complexity of combining both types of care has continued to expand. We have a deep understanding of the needs of those experiencing BH conditions; where and how individuals seek and receive care; and, how their whole health needs can best be met.

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System of Care and Care Management

We won’t lie. We are also passionate about designing systems of care that are driven by an understanding of the underlying needs of the populations being served and existing resources to serve them. We cut our teeth in this discipline in the early days of designing and implementing regional and multi-regional delivery systems. And, over the years we’ve continued to hone our skills in the area. We’ve developed data-driven, comprehensive designs for urban, rural, disabled, non-disabled, young and old alike.

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